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Created 26-Jan-20
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I had a good time at the Biennial (happens every 2 years) Alabama Music Hall of Fame 2020 Induction Banquet in Florence, AL. Great food, great music, and great friends.
Microwave Dave GallaherJoe FunderburkKelvin Holly, Bo Bice (American Idol), Mark BeckettChandler Mordecai (Miss TN Valley), Carla Russell, Microwave Dave Gallaher, Award, Big Mama ThorntonWillow Bennison, Jessi Olsen (Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls) Accepting for Big Mama ThorntonMark Beckett, Carla Russell, David HoodDavid Hood, Clayton Ivey, Chris ThompkinsGary Baker, Kevin Richardson & Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys)Gary Baker, David HoodKelvin Holly, Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys), Gary Baker, Brian Littrel (Backstreet Boys)Jamey JohnsonMervyn Warrnen of Take 6Taylor Hicks (American Idol Winner), Mark Beckett, Bo Bice (American Idol)Kelvin Holly, Taylor Hicks (American Idol Winner), Mark Beckett, Bo Bice (American Idol), David Hood

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