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Created 27-Aug-19
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I went on two pontoon boat tours of Reelfoot Lake—one three hour morning tour and one two hour sunset tour. You don’t fully experience Reelfoot until you cruise the lake. Reelfoot Lake is a 15,000 square foot lake that was created by 2,000 earthquakes along the New Madrid Fault from 1811 to 1812 that caused the nearby Mississippi River to flow into where Reelfoot Lake is today. Reelfoot Lake is populated by cypress trees, egrets, blue herons, eagles, and other wildlife. It is a shallow lake with an average depth of 5 feet. Pontoon boats and kayaks are great for the lake because they have shallow draws.
Reelfoot Lake - Samburg, TN SunsetReelfoot Lake, GreeneryReelfoot Lake, Cypress Tree and LichensReelfoot Lake, MossReelfoot LakeReelfoot Lake, Choppy Lake WaterReelfoot Lake, Blue Heron on Cyprus KnobsReelfoot Lake, Tree of BirdsReelfoot Lake, Osprey NestReelfoot Lake, DucksReelfoot Lake, Duck BlindReelfoot Lake, Duck BlindReelfoot Lake, Water Lilly (Indian Lotus)Reelfoot Lake, Blue HeronReelfoot Lake, EgretReelfoot Lake, EgretReelfoot Lake, Blue HeronReelfoot Lake, Blue HeronReelfoot Lake, Osprey FishingReelfoot Lake, Osprey Fishing

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