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Steven Scates(non-registered)
Hi, I read your post on colortheory group about using luminosity masks. Can I ask how best to integrate them into PPW workflow. I was thinking maybe after channel swap step with apply image regarding contrast, after MMMCB for color?
Les Ladd(non-registered)
Your photos are always enjoyable Ronny! You need to get out of town more often!! Keep up the good work!!
Sherri Perry(non-registered)
Ronny took us to the perfect location to shoot photos for my first CD in Nashville. Thanks for making it so much fun and comfortable! An experience will treasure!
Larry Fullam(non-registered)
I am looking for Larry Fullam's celebration of life, which I received from my friend,Diane, Larry's wife just today by e-mail.
Lois Light(non-registered)
Thanks for all the pictures you are doing. Sunday's pictures of our birthday get together is wonderful. You got some great pictures of individuals of everyone which is not an easy task with our moving around family.
Ronny Light Photo
Ronny just photgraphed my son's baseball tournament. He captures the emotion and passion of the moment. I hope to create a book at the end of the season with these live action shots along with some posters. Please check them out. Great work,Ronny!! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with those who wish we could get the shot!!
Tony Byworth(non-registered)
Ronny not only takes superb photographs but he also writes great captions and anecdotes that sometimes accompany them. As I've urged him several times, he should create a coffee table book.
Kenny Isaacs(non-registered)
So often i only get to look at a few pictures and have to go on to something else going on in my day. Ronny who is also the person that has the best vision for picking what to show everyone. Is also a most awesome buddy and friend. Please keep sending me things so i can think of the wonderful thoughts you were having as you did these things. Kenny
Elvis was here... and he loves your new photo website! Me Too!
Phantastic Photos!
Arne Benoni(non-registered)
Hi Ronny, congratulations with this great web site! It's about time you got one! I'm sure it'll help you garner lots of new and happy customers.
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